Adeegyada Caafimaadka Dhaqanka ee AngleZ (ABHS)

841 Riverside Dr.
Augusta, ME 04330
(844) 294-5306

Adeegyada la bixiyo
Harm reduction, Medication for alcohol use disorder, Medication for opioid disorder, Naloxone distribution, Outpatient treatment, Recovery support, Substance use prevention, Treatment (any)
Dadka Loo Adeegay
Dadweynaha guud, Taageerada asxaabta iyo qoyska, Guri la'aan ama guri aan ammaan ahayn

AngleZ Behavioral Health provides quality mental health and substance use services to children, adults and families with special needs or behavioral, psychological or intellectual impairments. AngleZ provides outpatient services and community-based services in several counties throughout Maine. Our caring staff aims to help our patients feel secure in their community.

Last updated on November 9, 2023