The Strategic Action Plan

Governor Mills is committed to combatting the opioid crisis and protecting Maine families. On Feb. 6, 2019, Governor Mills issued Executive Order 2: An Order to Implement Immediate Responses to Maine’s Opioid Epidemic (PDF). The Order, which took effect immediately, set forth 25 separate but related actions to be taken under the direction and leadership of Director Smith with the assistance of all the Commissioners and other staff as necessary. These actions are intended to reduce overdose deaths, expand treatment and recovery efforts, and begin a focus on prevention.

The Strategic Action Plan (SAP) is designed to confront the epidemic of substance use disorder (SUD) and opioid use disorder (OUD) with evidence-based strategies that are targeted and tailored for maximum impact in Maine. Gordon Smith, the Director of Opioid Response, oversees the plan and works collaboratively with state and local partners to ensure its implementation. You can read the and download the full Strategic Action Plan here.

For people with an opioid use disorder in particular, finding treatment that is affordable, immediate, and local can be extremely difficult. Equally troubling, many people in recovery continue to face stigma in their communities and a shortage of housing, transportation, and employment opportunities that could return hope and connectivity. To be effectively treated, SUD needs to be addressed as a chronic medical condition and de-stigmatization shall be an essential foundation underlying all actions.