Prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP or PMP)

Prescription drug monitoring programs are state or territorial-run electronic databases that track controlled substance prescriptions. PDMPs help providers identify patients at risk of opioid misuse, opioid use disorder, and/or overdose due to overlapping...

Tertiary prevention

Tertiary Prevention are services provided after a problem has been identified and diagnosed. It involves educating parents, SUD and mental health treatment and recovery services, and overdose prevention efforts such as harm reduction.  

Secondary Prevention

Secondary Prevention involves intervening when risk or problem behaviors surface (At Risk). This usually takes the form of screening for early identification of problems, education programs, and case management.

Primary Prevention

Primary Prevention means intervening before any symptoms or problems exist (No Risk). This can take the form of media campaigns, education on SUD and Mental Illness, teaching coping skills, and reducing access and availability of substances and/or risky...