Groups Recover Together

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About this Resource

Groups Recover Together is an outpatient opioid use disorder treatment provider dedicated to delivering evidence-based addiction treatment. Everyone who joins Groups gets Suboxone (MAT) from a doctor right away, so no one needs to worry about being sick. Our team understands that simply replacing pills or heroin with Suboxone isn’t the long-term answer. We don’t just enroll people in treatment, we help members build a life worth being sober for.


Our model is built on 3 pillars of care including medication, therapy, and support to meet the unique needs of people in recovery. Members receive suboxone, attend weekly group therapy, and have access to a recovery support team that includes peers and navigators. We surround members with a devoted community of people who understand what they are going through and are committed to their success.


Our clinicians prescribe Suboxone with consistency, making sure every member receives the right dose.


All members attend a weekly group led by a provider, members can attend a group via computer or smartphone.


Our team of peers and navigators will help address other aspects of life that impact recovery. This work can take place beyond the walls of our clinics in community settings, by phone, and via text and includes:

  • Securing employment, housing, and transportation
  • Applying for unemployment, SNAP, TANF, and health insurance
  • regular check ins from someone who understand what members are going through, often a person with lived experience.


CALL US ANYTIME, 24/7. When someone is ready for treatment, we are always available and work hard
to get them in right away. We don’t believe in wait lists.

MEET YOUR COUNSELOR AND PROVIDER. New members meet with a counselor and provider to
determine if there is a good fit with our program, and the right dose of Suboxone to prevent cravings.

BEGIN PARTICIPATING IN WEEKLY GROUP. Groups are small (10-15) and with the same people
every week and take place during daytime hours and in the evening. Times are designed to fit into people’s schedules so they do not interfere with work or everyday life.

Give us a call and we’ll work with you to schedule a 30-minute intake and your first appointment within 48 hours.