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43 School Street
Stonington, ME 04681
207) 479-6255

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Fentanyl test strips, Harm reduction, Naloxone distribution, Recovery support, Substance use prevention, Syringe service programs, Treatment (any)
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Opioid use disorder exists on Deer Isle with devastating consequences for those in addiction and for their families, their employers, the schools, and the community as a whole. On this bridged Island at the tip of the long Blue Hill Peninsula, the Deer Isle-Stonington community has limited access to programs addressing the opioid epidemic.

OFIP links this community with the best available harm reduction, treatment, and recovery support programs in Hancock County and beyond – identifying, developing, managing, promoting, and funding them so that they become easily accessible here and widely adopted. Its mission is an intensely local one – to anchor these programs on Deer Isle with people from this community helping people in this community, because earning the trust of those in addiction, and combating the local stigma of addiction, requires strong community connections.

OFIP’s programs and services focus on local NARCAN distribution and an SSP to keep people alive and safe until they’re ready for treatment and recovery, outreach programs for education and stigma reduction in the community, and prevention in the schools.

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